Repair the World NYC is excited to launch our 3rd Martin Luther King Jr. Shabbat Dinner and Weekend of Service, January 13-16th. Our goal is to connect volunteers to a meaningful service project in the community, provide context to the importance of volunteering to honor MLK and celebrate his legacy, and work as a coalition of community members and organizations coming together to have a positive impact in our community.

Will you serve as a movement leader? Your involvement will be crucial to the success of projects throughout the weekend. This is your chance to take a leadership role.

There are two ways you can serve as a movement leader - by hosting a table at our MLK Shabbat Dinner, and/or by helping to lead a service project with one of the Repair the World fellows by your side.

Hosting a Table at Shabbat Supper

On January 13th at the Prospect Park Picnic House at 7:00 pm, Yavilah McCoy will be joining us to offer her perspective on the Jewish community as allies within the sphere of racial justice. Together, we will explore how we can take action in our local community and #TurnTheTables on injustice.

Being a table host means recruiting a whole table (7-9 people) or half table (4-5 people) of your friends to join you at your table.

We’ll provide you with easy to use materials to facilitate conversation at your table in advance of the dinner.

Leading a Service Project

We are offering 20+ opportunities to volunteer over the weekend between January 12-16. As a Movement Leader, you will help guide our volunteers’ experiences in partnership with a Repair the World fellow and recruit at least 2 people to volunteer with you. We will provide you with resources and support prior to the project, as well as throughout the experience.

We would be so excited to have you join our Repair the World team!

If you have any questions about being a Movement Leader, or would like to sign up, please contact Ben Weiner (